Conquer it. 

It happens many times in our lives. The expectations vs reality. One is usually heavier than the other, causing the other one to float away. If it happens any time with you, as it has happened many times with me, just try to balance the lighter one. Fill one side or make the other side […]

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The Place 

She sat there on a sturdy rock thinking about the past,  What effect on her had the shadows cast?  Maybe the gushing water spoke something important,  It passed her so fast, as if it were nature’s informant.  As the sun hid behind the clouds,  The damp winds blew across her ears and rarely bowed.  Was […]

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The influence

The thinking and nature of the many souls is contagious,  A disease if the negation rises unduly.  As the rotten apple rots the good one too,  The soul is not spared by the impure minds.  Prevent it , elevate that willpower to such an extent,  That the rotten souls will shake off their dirt and […]

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A keen observation 

For a week or so, I took a break from everything. That includes writing and reading! Yes! I can be that cruel on myself! But I observed something very important in that time ( yes. I can do that too!)           As my daily interaction with humans and sometimes other creatures and […]

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Zebra – A to Z challenge 

When you get out of your bad days,  Enter your good days,  You just had a striped life like a zebra.  Bicoloured but worth living for.  Even though it has a ‘z’ and a ‘bra’,  It generally doesn’t cling you around.  Be like a zebra.  Striped, graceful and ever ready to be ‘crossed on’.  And […]

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The ‘urge’ 

(Continuation of the previous blog) As the footsteps arrived closer, Tom turned around instantaneously to find a small boy looking up at him. He gestured him to take what was in his hands. Tom took a small bowl filled with what seemed to be coloured water. The boy then motioned him to drink it as […]

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