Sitting with your circle of friends whom you are meeting for the fourth time that year, may seem to be so interesting and reminiscing. But, the truth is, when you all are married (except two) and all you talk about is your husband and your new family and how your life is so hectic now, […]

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I don’t remember when it all started. Sipping coffee with a book in my hand. That was the whole idea of romanticism, I ever had. Until, one more chair got attached to that table, with coffee and a book. The reading transformed into discussion, Which transformed into loads of laughters and giggles. With those eyes […]

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The missing ‘peace’

Of all my troubles in life that form a puzzle, What’s missing though, is that one ‘peace’, if found, would complete my life, which no longer would be a puzzle. The search is on, among the things which are in itself a ruckus, But who gets the clean water until the dust settles down. So, […]

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It creeps through the body like a serpent, crawling coldly, When you think you’re enjoying your life , It has already reached your brain and is about to enter it. Like an alcoholic booze, it turns your head upside down, Only the happiness frowns to death, The anxiousness is there to stay

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Now, you are.

Doesn’t happen everyday that you meet a person and fall in love for eternity. Luck, destiny, fate, whatever they call it, does not cross paths with everyone every single day. Even if you forgive and forget, you know it’s impossible. Maybe your brain does stop thinking but your heart won’t stop beating. For it has […]

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Its still beautiful

They said millions of years ago, that the world will come to an end slowly, People won’t notice it, the degradation. But then, you don’t notice it in a fruit either, Until the dirt gets to its cover. The world will be as beautiful as it was a thousand years before. The dirt is cunning, […]

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The key to my success

I searched for it everywhere, under the chair, on the table, near the vase, but it did not leave any trace of it’s existence. it was not the phone that I had lost. It was a key. The key to my existence was now non-existant. The house lock felt exploited without it’s counterpart. The struggle […]

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It’s the heat!

Summertime is the worst time not only because of the sweat and the high temperatures but also because it’s irritating when smeone touches you. Whether it’s your husband or just a formal handshake at your work, you just want to run away. The sweat has stuck on your body like a sticker, saying “touch me […]

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The world is an open horizon. Limitless to it’s own infinity. Still the world seems to go nowhere sometimes, as the paths on my way get blocked. It feels like the world is expanding and I am at it’s periphery. Being pushed. Being sided by the selfish inflation. All I can see is a single […]

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Authentic – The daily prompt

One day, I made a gross mistake of tagging my brother along to a fast food chain. It was my favorite food brand when it came to junk. Obviously, he disliked it. Yet he made an effort to accompany me. That, I appreciate. When our food orders eventually reached our tables,a gasp escaped his mouth. […]

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