You’re different because you’re human.

Recently, I watched Emma Watson’s video for Vogue and I connected with it like a phone does with a wifi. I got emotional, tears eyed and my chest filled with this warmth that only love can make this all possible. That and respect for another fellow human , who is not only of your generation, but also of your age.

Apart from that, this feeling that has been dying a slow death inside of my heart, reincarnated. The feeling of humanity, of love, of care, of empathy, that this world is adamant of demolishing. I felt this urge to reach out to her and say thank you. To thank her for making me aware that being well read and living a luxurious life style which not many can afford, I’m just living life. Breathing air in and out. Consuming and not giving back. In short not being human enough.

I’m a person who will focus on bringing smile to others faces. Also literally, because I’m a dentist. But, seriously, when I help someone and see a smile on their face, I get a good night of sleep. Feel content. And I find myself lucky because not many can generate this feeling among themselves.

As the humanity is vaporising from humans year by year, I decided today that I’ll try not to let it go extinct .

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