Hide, seek and disappear

It’s almost end of this day and you can see this building half hidden in the greenery. To describe it, there are a few rooms and floors lighted already and the building looks sober and well, complete.

But this was not what I first saw of it. It was a skeleton with a few iron bars and rods erected a few years back. The stairs weren’t complete and I always imagined what it would be like without the stairs. I would imagine jumping from one part to the other part of the building.

When the structure wasn’t yet thought of, there was greenery. The old big giant tree which always teased us with the view of the sunset. It would always sway here and there just to tease us and play with our vision of sunset. Then one day, it was suddenly gone. Disappeared. And then a few weeks later what I saw where those rusty bars erected.

Now the building doesn’t tease us with the view like the tree. It has completely blocked it.

Well, it wouldn’t have been possible for the people to live on trees, I guess.

– Purva


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