You put your favorite chicken roll in your mouth,
enjoy the flavors and the smell till it lasts.
She is right there,your maid,
cleaning your floors and sweating it out just to feed her children,
She has to take that stale bread that you chose to give her rather than thow out.
She looks at you and there is nothing but a fading smile,
The chicken roll is long gone and you have dived deep again into your phone.

It is your birthday – it has struck 12 o’ clock on your phone,
Loud honks fill your gates and as you run towards it,
a load of friends and family are already cuttimg your cake,
the joy knows no bounds now.
Not far from you, in a corner, the watchman is enjoying and smiling at your life,
It’s his birthday too.

The modern world person, like me and you,
kmows everythng about politics, electronics and media,
He is thoughtful and well aware of the adverse effects of everything.
What he forgets is, to look around and to look out for his own,
He remembers to be active in war agaist feminism and racism
but has forgotten humanity.
Go back to the basics,
be human first.

PS- last line not inspired by Salman Khan or his fans

– Purva 🙂


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