Money Penny

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I noticed one thing from the beginning of my time,

However big, small, poor or rich you are,

That piece of paper, we all know it as money, works best as a mime.

And is the sole reason for the current worldly state.

The boundaries, the maps, the borders,

Though, they all mean the same,

Are divided, merely on this crisp, piece of a bark, known as money, minted fresh from the moulders.

And yes, it comes in various shapes and sizes too!

The world is confused, fighting for various rights, for equality among its own human species.

Who ironically, has forgotten the word equality, when the first slaughterhouses were opened. A place for open murder.

But, it’s all a game, the dealer being money. A highly over rated, loved and a piece of endeared nepotism.

So here I’m,


collecting this minted treasure, in a hope that this irony,

isn’t wasted on a futile thing as this piece of paper.

– xo-



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