image courtesy- google

The field of attack was as clear as water.
there was nothing that could have stopped them.
The food was their right
and they had a rightful right to their rights.

“Enough with the word ‘right’!”, shouted their captain,
as they marched forward, crushing everything in their way.
The food was tasty, healthy and all that they needed to live.
their stay was a rare luxury, as often a mistake.

From nowhere were they attacked by thousands of enemies,
they crushed them, ate them,even teared them apart!
It was so sudden, it ruined their strategy.
and then, their were none left, except the betrayer, now a part of the enemy.

They should have realized, that they were only the microbes,
attacked by the body’s immune cells,
that the infection was flushed down the intestine,
only to leave a better, healthy and immune human!


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