Micro image courtesy- google The field of attack was as clear as water. there was nothing that could have stopped them. The food was their right and they had a rightful right to their rights. “Enough with the word ‘right’!”, shouted their captain, as they marched forward, crushing everything in their way. The food was […]

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Inefficient He worked day and night, in a small factory outlet. His day and night changed, as he changed the covers of the glass bottles. He remembered the days when he hardly could cover a hundred bottles in a day. now, he was a proud worker, covering over 500 covers daily. The company and the […]

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via Daily Prompt: Faceless It’s there when I have my daily cup nof coffee. Luring besides me, invisible to the world. Appearing and disappearing like a gush of wind. no matter what, it’s always there besides me. When I ride my scooter to work, when I sit in the cafeteria working on the projects, it’s […]

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When people meet me for the first time, the first thing they ask me besides my name is, what I do for a living. The first answer that comes to my mind is that , I breath. I soak in the world that I live in. But then, I imagine the weird faces that those […]

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Locked out.

The moon today is like a freshly fetched pearl from an ocean. Peace finds me as I gaze at the sky through my balcony. The balcony is my favourite place to be. I get to admire the world, find faults in it and sometimes mock it. The best thing about it is I’m invisible to […]

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The less lived life

You never know, when the smoothly sailing raft of your life may stumble by the large wave. And then you wonder if you’re the wave or the raft. Or the strong breeze itself. That leads to a confusion. You sail, wave or blow with the same confusion. And then the next moment, you’re smoothly sailing […]

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