The Virtual reality

‘PING!’ beeped the phone,

Lightened it’s screen to make me aware of its activity.

As I ignored it, it kept pinging to grab my attention.

As I surrendered to it, it conveyed a message from a friend .

List all your resolutions. She demanded.

As I ignored it, still more people demanded the same.

Some even wanted me to be hopeful and happy.

It was the new year.

The start of a virtual new beginning.

Where all the sins are flushed down the toilet full of alcohol and vomit.

It’s the new year.

A reason for people to be hopeful and happy and expecting others to do the same.

I looked at the sky. I knew the future me must be looking at me right now. By some teleporting device or time machine. I was sure of that.

Now that is what you call hope and happiness. However futuristic it may be.

But then my sight came back to the earth where beings were rejoicing, shouting their hearts out.

“Are they really being hopeful and restarting their lives?” I wondered.

Wow. It just takes a change of date and year to push back all the positivity and energy back in the soul.

There was cheering. As if they were children again. There was rejoicing. As if their lifespan was extended to immortality.

I looked in the mirror. Were my glasses changed? No. The same eyes stared back at me. I looked at the book. The same words and pages grasped my mind.

It was all the same as it was a minute ago. Just a single minute could change everything.

The time. I looked at the ticking clock on the wall. It ticked. As it had at the same time yesterday. It was the same.

Then it hit me. It was the mentality of the mortals. It had changed. It had ascended back to January at the double pace that it had descended from January to December.

As I turned my back to mentality, it started approaching me like a black hole. I began running. Couldn’t match it’s speed. After all, it was mentality, the one that couldn’t be underestimated.

As I thought that I had outrun it, it grabbed me by my leg and pulled me forward.

Soon, I was rejoicing, cheering, hoping.

I was in a parallel universe

The mentality had struck again!


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