Loaded guns➡️ Fire! ➡️ Positivity 🌈🌸

“There’s no water in the house!”, I start my day shouting over the phone. My fiancé on the other side, calm as a gentle breeze retorts,” Be happy that you’ve a house to stay in.”

This is the usual thing that happens with me unknowingly throughout the day. And at the end of the day, I recollect those positive perspectives of him and keep it in my “satchel of happiness”, which needs to be emptied and the contents transferred in the ‘handbag of retrospection’!

The other day, I was on the phone, complaining about 10 minutes on how the bus I was traveling in had a horrible service. Those 10 mins were blinded shut in an instant when my Mr Positivity responded in a calm and heavenly voice ,” Be happy that you are privileged to travel in a bus. That too air conditioned.” After that moment, the sun began to shine, the petals rained from a tree and my mouth went on a snooze mode again.

Sometimes when I think about him, I usually see Professor Utonium, stirring his chemicals to create the Powerpuff Girls. But then, he accidentally spills in chemical P! And what is this! Mr Positive Pilot is here at your service! Nevertheless, at the bottom of all this, I know that I’m in good Positive hands!

PS- guess what his actual blood group is! You’ll be like , now you’re taking it to the next level! But no. It’s B+ve. Introspection starts again.



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