The tale of tails and pride.

Walking down the street John thinks,” Hmm. What do I eat for dinner?” That’s when a dog crosses his way and breaks the chain of his thoughts. John is a human, unlike the dog. But what’s the one common thing between the two of these species? Of course! The name John! But do other friends of John the dog, call him John as well? How could we possibly know? Because we are humans! And thus the pride! We could not care less about the dog’s name among his other dog friends.

There comes a turtle walking on the greenery besides the street. How did it end up walking there? Of course, because it was chasing a green worm, who possibly looked like a leaf to the turtle! But yes! There are more important things like John, the human’s dinner. And if the pride grows, the dinner could possibly be the turtle, the worm or John himself in some countries! ( Of course I’m talking about the dog)

As both the Johns’, the turtle and the worm make way to their homes, John is the winner! Not because he has the family! Of course the other buddies here too have families. But John, the human is a much transcendent one. He has a land of his own, much bigger than his whole body, to live in. It could have fit 10 more John, the dogs, 20 more turtles and hundreds of worms. But unlike them, John, the human has pride. And with that pride, he has a separate space for other non- living but precious objects. Like TV, the dining table, the sofa set!

When John , the human, finally reaches home, his wife has a surprise for him! It’s a neat cocktail! What are it’s ingredients you ask! It’s a hot “dog” with turtle meat as it’s base with lots of worm garnish!

With this, both John’s stomach and pride are full and ready for a cozy sleep!


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