Try try but please cry!

I don’t know in what mode of life I am, but I’ve not cried since about 6 months! So one day I thought of relieving my heart off its burden.

As they say, crying helps you get all the emotional stuff out of you and you kind of restart on your emotional baggage. So then! I decided that it was high time and I should cry.

I intentionally went to see a friend who had failed in his maths test. I thought, hearing his sad story would make some tears come out of my eyes. But when I met him, he was all smiles! Like a free pizza has been delivered to him. Astonished, I asked him as to what is he exactly so happy about? He said,” at least I don’t have to become an engineer, now that I suck at maths!” And then he treated me with free food and I felt as if I had got a free pizza delivery.

Failing at my plans to cry that day, I went to a hospital. I thought, watching sick people, in pain would activate my tears somehow. When I reached the opd section, I sat near a guy with a wounded leg covered with plaster. I asked for his story. He explained to me that the leg was the most important part of his profession as he was a driver. “But hey!”, he said excitingly. “Now I get to sit home for 6 months with my salary delivered to me every month! Isn’t that cool?” Yes. It was cool. Cooler than my cold heart which couldn’t even shed a tear!!!

Frustrated at my failed plans, as I walked angrily on the footpath, a monkey passed by my side, running, followed by a man shouting at it angrily. As i turned around to get the glimpse of the whole scene, it came to my knowledge that, the monkey had stolen the man’s wallet and the man who was on scooter, got down and began chasing it. Because scooters are only for parking. Obviously.

I forgot all my plans and started rolling on the floor, giggles and laughs coming out of my mouth. Unknowingly, I started wiping the tears that were flowing out of my eyes and continuing the laugh.

Did I not mention earlier that only tears mattered. The emotions behind them didn’t!


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