‘Packing’ my sleep away

That rare time my brain multitasks, is when I pack things before travelling. I think of things I need and also ponder over the need to write a list. But, I end up making that list in my mind and say this to my memory," I believe you." But then, I totally lose my night's sleep.

1. Replacing important things with random ones.
After searching for things to pack and rethinking about their necessity, I end up unpacking those necessary things and replacing them with totally random things that I've never touched in my life.
For example, I know how important a napkin is for me. But then, I think of minimalistic things and how I can excel in them and pack a bunch of tissues which I've never used in my life. Later, I end up thinking about that napkin the whole day!

2.Pretending to be a light packer
As I go on stuffing my bag with all the items the universe can provide me, I check the weight of my bag from time to time. But it always exceeds my own weight and I end up cutting out on my daily necessities, just for the sake of travelling lightly!
For example, I tend to empty the full water bottle to half, so that the bag would be light and end up finishing the water in an hour. At last, I end up, carrying a brand new 2 litre bottle instead, with the addition of the bucks I spent on it.

3. Forgetting and re-forgetting things.

After spending my eternity in stuffing and (unsuccessfully) locking the bag, I go to bed, rechecking the packed items on the list. After lying on bed, I think about the location of the toothbrush- in or out of the bag? So I reopen the bag and search for it for another eternity, realising at the end that it's still standing in my toothbrush stand!
Cursing my memory, in which I had put my whole belief earlier, I pack it inside the bag and lie on the bed. Only to realise that it's the first thing I'll need in the morning! And the circle goes on.

4. The wallet-phone drama
Even though these two are tiny little innocent things, which when full, make your life easier, I think that these are the most havoc causing things in my life.
Before getting on a bus, I put the duo safely inside my bag pack- safety measures called for! Then when I get on the bus, the phone rarely ringing phone, starts buzzing and I am in desperate need for money to buy the bus ticket! I take them out, with my great flexible skills, use them and put them back in only to wake up to the fear that they might not be safe inside! What if someone opened up my bag and unknowingly take them out? I would end up begging on the streets for the rest of my life!

Yes. You get the idea.

5. The fake reader –
I enjoy the idea of reading away my time while travelling. Then I think of the famous quote," stitching in time saves nine", though this quote has no connection with my situation.
I compulsively stuff a light hundred page book, thinking of bonding with it in the journey. I plan out like a true statistician, to complete 50 pages at least.
Then when the actual journey begins, the sleep takes over me and I end up gawking at that one open page and then ignoring it completely under the pretext of losing my vision if I read a non sturdy text in a speedy and bumpy bus.

All incidences mentioned above are non fictional and can be related totally with real life situations and characters.


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