Rains, science and the romance- a tale of confusion.

Those first drops of rain, falling on the ground. That smell of soil when it dusts off in the air, by the rain drop collision. Oh (not) so romantic!
If you've attended a single lecture of microbiology, dozing off or otherwise, you may be familiar with these buddies- streptomyces and their perfumes 'geosmin ' which we actually inhale as that first smell of rains!
Feeling good now? Are you?

Also, if you have soil on the roads, in your house and perhaps in your nostrils, any liquid will convert it to mud.
And this mud is the single factor while I hate those rainy seasons.
For one moment everything is dry and good and positive. And a few drops convert these good things into pure evil with their one motive of making your body unclean and full of odour and dirt!

Now, this is the moment when you start missing the bright yellow ball of light aka the sun or the summer and it's counterpart- the cold, dry winds, aka the winter.

And I bend my knee to those people who still find romance in these situations! The hope in you is as real as that of Shawshank redemption!

These lines are only coming out of frustration, as I stand under a tree, drenched in the "romantic waters" and yell at the sky like a prisoner under arrest.


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