The Polyglot lot ! 

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In my raring country, an average person can speak two languages- the mother tongue and the regional one. And the extraordinary lot can go upto three or four. Whether it can be considered as a sign of intellectually, I don’t know, but it surely does point on the cognition. And of course, the resulting confusion. 

      Now, this superpower can be used wisely with great difficulty or easily misused. But what matters is the situation. And like Spider-Man’s great uncle Ben once said that thing involving responsibilities, we hardly can ignore this fact. 

These are the fascinating types of people I’ve encountered in my human life. 

  1. The Squeezers- We have these people who just have three languages squeezed in one sentence. They’re the show stoppers. 
  2. The top gears- The others are the switching type. They just switch languages like gears in a car. 
  3. The free-floaters – Then we have the fluent speakers who speak so lucidly, that we just sink out of embarrassment and jealousy. 
  4. The cursors- These mortals, change their language while using @&?; words. It sounds like one minute, they’re human and the other minute they’re really robots, multi- tasking! 
  5. The seekers-  ( no. It’s  not a quidditch term). These are the really trying types. When they finish one sentence in a foreign language, the listener feels a sense of accomplishment! 

6 thoughts on “The Polyglot lot ! 

  1. Good one ! तू यात inventor कॅटेगरी टाक. नवीन शब्द काढतात आणि नंतर अर्थ विसरतात.

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  2. These classifications are so necessary. I’m hoping to get to the level of “free-floater” in all my languages. In honesty, my dream is to be able to switch fluently between the different languages with pronunciation that doesn’t make native speakers cringe.

    Great post!

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