He jumped across the wall,

With torn shoes on in his little feet, 

Though the wide road he was able to access, 

The insanity made him to choose the wall. 
Next came the muddy puddle, 

Besides the clean, shiny road, 

The insanity wasn’t so sane, 

As the boy savoured his little feet in the dirty waters. 
Next came the wired fence, besides the open gate. 

Yet, the insanity had a stronger side, 

So the boy bled, as he crossed the wires, scratching his body over it. 
As he crossed his paths with a small mouse, 

He saw a hole besides a tree. 

Without thinking twice, with insanity besides him, 
He put his hands in the hole, 

The little box filled with coins was safely retrieved, 

The little boy thanked the insanity as they parted their ways, 
Walking through the open gates, onto the clean road, 

His smile flickered , as he welcomed sanity with open arms. 


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