That empty street 

Lined by the checkered footpath,  There is a glistening black street,  Which has witnessed everything but has nothing of its own.  It’s lights, now pale and dusty,  Somehow enlighten its face,  To help  the diverse groups of commuters.  Once, a landmark of one of the most exotic Italian restaurant,  Now, devoid of a name,  it […]

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The Polyglot lot ! 

In my raring country, an average person can speak two languages- the mother tongue and the regional one. And the extraordinary lot can go upto three or four. Whether it can be considered as a sign of intellectually, I don’t know, but it surely does point on the cognition. And of course, the resulting confusion.  […]

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He jumped across the wall, With torn shoes on in his little feet,  Though the wide road he was able to access,  The insanity made him to choose the wall.  Next came the muddy puddle,  Besides the clean, shiny road,  The insanity wasn’t so sane,  As the boy savoured his little feet in the dirty […]

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