On books and patience 

Some days ago, I was sitting on a bench reading a book. A story book of course. After some time, I realised that my mind was at unusually at peace and every other person appeared to be chaotic to me. 

     A man sitting near me was engrossed in his phone, as were half of the people. A lady was struggling to keep her child in one place and was repeatedly failing at it as the echo of that child reached the top. Trying to ignore the commotion around me, I was trying to finish that one line I was trying to read since five minutes. 

           But I realised one thing that day. Whatever your mind goes through, a good book can help it get back to normal. Not meditation, not prayers, but books. The great author Ruskin Bond says “I write for those people, who even today, buy books from the shop and read. I like to sow the seeds of happiness through each page I write and would like to do it for the rest of my life.” 



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