Found already!

Unknowingly, there’s a inner soul in all of us seeking our own. It beats, wanders, rhythmically and constantly, without our mind knowing it. Right from our birth, we seek objects and people of our liking. This search continues till the death. But we hardly notice it. 

       A child, when starts acknowledging things, runs to the first person that it likes. In school, the kid searches for a friend who likes the books he likes or laughs at the same jokes that he laughs at. They become best friends in no time without knowing it. 

Adults do the same thing, the only difference is they’re more political and less innocent. When we meet our match, we know it. It could be a group of strangers at a club or our favourite boss or our favourite colleague in the office, with whom we can share our liking and chat without any hesitation. The only thing is that, we don’t advertise this thing like kids do. Maybe it has to do something with the ever growing ego or ever shrinking mentality. Just saying! 

The moral of the whole blabbering is, if we struggle so much to find our match, wherever we go, then why do we always find the need to distinguish ourselves based on our creed, caste, colour, origin or every stupid thing associated with it. 

Just like global warming, try to kick that ever hurting ego out of the earth and then everything will be magical and simple again! 


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