On books and patience 

Some days ago, I was sitting on a bench reading a book. A story book of course. After some time, I realised that my mind was at unusually at peace and every other person appeared to be chaotic to me.       A man sitting near me was engrossed in his phone, as were half […]

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The dress 

The pearly white cloth fluttered with the wind,  The design set it’s head high with pride when the onlookers gathered around.  A thread of silk which had peeped out of the dress now,  Remembered how many weddings and funerals it had seen.  The ladies altered it, cut it and sewed it back.  But some parts […]

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Found already!

Unknowingly, there’s a inner soul in all of us seeking our own. It beats, wanders, rhythmically and constantly, without our mind knowing it. Right from our birth, we seek objects and people of our liking. This search continues till the death. But we hardly notice it.         A child, when starts acknowledging things, […]

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Stuck in the paradigm. 

The days and nights passed on,  With the same motion, the life went on.  The eyes were stuck in the same horizons,  A little deflection could even start a rising.  The moments and the time passed on with the same pace,  It could have been better if they could even race.  Fed up of the […]

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Conquer it. 

It happens many times in our lives. The expectations vs reality. One is usually heavier than the other, causing the other one to float away. If it happens any time with you, as it has happened many times with me, just try to balance the lighter one. Fill one side or make the other side […]

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