A keen observation 

For a week or so, I took a break from everything. That includes writing and reading! Yes! I can be that cruel on myself! But I observed something very important in that time ( yes. I can do that too!) 

         As my daily interaction with humans and sometimes other creatures and species, my brain was lazing out. Like it was on a hibernation or something. I could’ve compared it with the sloth but hey, I didn’t want the animal to come down to that. 

     When people threw something at me (verbally), I didn’t revert back, either  wittily or otherwise. I just let the words slap me and get away with it. I couldn’t get my brain storm into new ideas or thoughts that would eventually lead to creativity. 

     I just couldn’t write the stuff I’m writing now with this speed. And that made a take a step back and take a momentary pause. Was I reverting back on the Darwin’s evolution? Would a tail spring out of me from out of the blue!? 

      Unable to bear this nonsense I was putting up with myself, I forced myself to read a page of a book. And boom! My brain unclogged itself like a jammed water pipe. 

Phew! What a timely save! 


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