Yearn to live – A to Z challenge 

You get up everyday in the morning, takes a shower, eats breakfast and goes off to work. The aim is to love through the day and relax in the evening. Have a little fun time with family and friends. 

And this routine changes on the weekend when the aim is just to enjoy and relax minus the working hours. 

Now imagine this. 

You wake up with a wide smile, forget about checking  feeds on that  idiot person in your hands. Instead, you smell the fresh breeze, enjoy the chirping of the little birds before the honking of the vehicle starts and enjoy that awesome warm shower. Eat the breakfast by breathing in the smell of each and every ingredient, drink a gallon full of water, and skip off to work with a grin of conquering your day. 

       Yes. Don’t just live the day to relax in the evening. 

Live it to conquer your life. 

Live it to not be glanced upon as an irritated person trying to avoid the prying. 

Live it to give more energy that ever before to each and everything you do. Whether it’s driving your car to solving major problems at work. 

Live each and every moment because if you do so, you’ll get the sweetest sleep you ever had. 

Live to yearn for a passionate life. 


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