The “view”- A to Z challenge 

( this is the continuation of the previous story) – The ‘urge’
As Tom got ready to climb the mountain, he was hoping that he would find peace there. That’s what he had come all the way for. 

As he began walking , he remembered the various people he had met from the time he had landed. The young boy who offered him the sacred drink, the woman who gave him shelter in her house, the family that cared for him like their own. He felt an unusual sensation in his heart. The one he had never felt before. 

After days of sweating, at last he reached what seemed like the end. A man was collecting fruits from a tree when Tom heaved a sigh of relief . 

A sudden realisation dawned upon him. He reached there because the unfamiliar feeling was of satisfaction, of content. All these people and surroundings had made him unknowingly happy and content and ultimately peaceful. He had no urges now only the view to enjoy from the top. 


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