The ‘urge’ 

(Continuation of the previous blog)

As the footsteps arrived closer, Tom turned around instantaneously to find a small boy looking up at him. He gestured him to take what was in his hands. Tom took a small bowl filled with what seemed to be coloured water. The boy then motioned him to drink it as he couldn’t speak in Tom’s tongue. 

         In the afternoon, as he was lead to what seemed like a large tomb of stone, by the locals there, Tom felt unreal peace from the time he had set foot on that land. 

The mysterious water he had drank earlier, made him sleep throughout the evening. As he woke up and was looking keenly at a mountain nearby, an old man with wrinkles prominent than his muscles stood near him looking at the mountain. “The Psangpo ( the holy saint) resides there and is the ultimate power of peace.”, he said in almost an overwhelming tone. He knew Tom’s tongue well. 

        “This is it! This is where I need to go!”, Tom exclaimed. After two more days, the urge to be on the top was getting more and more irresistible for Tom. In the early morning he packed his bag pack and  in no time was walking on the road to the high mountain. 

(To be continued in the next blog) 

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He checked his passport, his wallet and his bag. Tom had landed in a country which was on the map, but very few had truly …


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