Time for a tale – A to Z challenge 

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He checked his passport, his wallet and his bag. Tom had landed in a country which was on the map, but very few had truly discovered it. 

      He was first intrigued in its culture and the people when he had just scrolled through a book in the library while studying literature in Britain. “How can humanity sustain in a land with peace and non violence? “, he wondered. 

  He had decided to find it out himself. He had packed his bags and booked the tickets to fly for a retreat. His long break from life was already on the verge of breaking. 

    When he got to the small village where he was supposed to live for the next week, development had taken a back seat there. People still lived in houses made from twigs and barks. Had he come to the right place? As he wondered, he strolled through the woods. Suddenly there was rapid crumbling of the fallen leaves behind him. Someone was approaching him really fast. 

(Further part continued in the next blog) 


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