The ‘Quiver’ – A to Z challenge 

One day I was running late to my office. My car was out of gas and I couldn’t find a cab. I decided to run my way through it. As I was sweating my way to my destination, I heard  two people quarrelling.   

        How vague and evil these things are. Civilised by the word ‘argument‘ so that you get less hurt. When you do it on the public platform, it changes to debate. All these have a common agenda of gaining that winning streak. 

         Winning surely makes you happy. More happy when others are not up to the mark or you come out clean by some way or the other. But subconsciously you feel like you cheated. That guilt remains hidden, overshadowed by the gigantic heart. It’s a fragile thing, your heart. You struggle  throughout your life to make it stronger and less brittle. But when it’s bitten by the bug of treachery or heartbreak, it crumbles gradually into small pieces. An infarction can do that in a second . 

          But once you get an infarction, you protect yourself from every meagre thing you think will bruise you mentally. Our mind is such a kaleidoscope. Every mood is its refractive colour. It changes its colour like a tree does, every season. 

      Where was I? Yes! Running to my office, I reached an hour late. But as luck would have it, my boss was on leave! Happy Office Day! Sorry for that bit of quivering! 

        I just nailed that Q to the full ground! On your face you ‘ day-by-day-getting-on-my-nerves’ challenge! 


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