Never say never – A to Z challenge 

Here I am, thinking about the ideas to just pop up in my head for the challenge. But all I am getting are some words which arent connecting at all. 

So let me just write about it! As I got on with my morning walk, I saw some kids riding their bicycles to school with the uniforms on. It was pretty nostalgic. 

The summer is on its full range and the only positive thing it has got are sweet ripened mangoes. How I enjoyed them for my breakfast! 

After the stressful work, when I was walking on the road, an old lady was carrying a heavy load on her back in the afternoon sun. I knew it was not useful for me to offer help but I surely offered her my water bottle and she smiled at me and drank it. Good feelings made my day. 

As I write this, frustrated of what I should write next, I have created a chain of negative thoughts which I need to cleanse up. So let me go and read a book! What is a better boost to your brain than this? Ciao! 


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