Just sleep over it – A to Z challenge 

All of us have to take some of the most difficult decisions in our lives! Like burger or pizza? Shorts or pjs? Ice cream or cake! 

But on a serious note, when a situation like this dawns upon you, just take a deep breathe, grab your pillow, snuggle under your cozy blanket and snore! 

Really! There lies the answer to this whole universe! Sleep! Scientifically, it calms down your brains and depletes your extravagantly large hormonal secretions or your “rush”. In other words, give the decision making some time in this world, welcome it to your house, feed some samosas and jalebis and snore on its lap! Or just grab some popcorn and start watching friends! Just like that. Out of the blue. 

It will make your big decision look like a piece of cake in the morning and you can gulp it and enjoy! 


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