Exalting this book with a review – A to Z challenge 

Book – if on a winter’s night a traveller. 

Author- Italo Calvino ( translation) 

As peculiar as this book is, it is also one of most irresistible books you’ll ever come across. 

It’s your story, you The Reader and your quest to find the right book and your futile attempts to end it. Which happens with you in reality while reading this book. 

It indirectly reflects your thoughts while you are reading, which is embossed in different stories whose endings you never find. 

Midway, you get a strong urge to just close the book and keep it hidden in your shelf from yourself. 

But some magic from Calvino, grips you to it more and more and suddenly you finish it all of a sudden. A strong genre of postmodernism depicted through You, The Reader.


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