Buried – A to Z Challenge



The Thought and his friends decided to run a marathon just to see who was the best. The Thought knew that no one could ever get ahead of it. It ran at its best, leaving behind it’s friends. As it gained pace, eveyone else was left far behind. The Thought was at the peak of concentration.

My mind knew it could work magic with The Thought if they teamed up. As The Thought ran it’s lonely way ahead, suddenly, it was surrounded by many other  thoughts. They just dropped by and began to distract The Thought. The Random Thought was their leader. Along with it were tagging, The Perspective, The Futuristic and his best pal, The Past and The Senseless Thought. They all crowded the running track of the mind.

The mind tried to get rid of them to make way for The Thought, which was it’s favorite.  But in vain. The Thought had backed out, making way for these bumbling band of baboons.

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]



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