Cutting off 

“More shorter”, Divya  said hurriedly, her heart now bouncing with excitement. The hairdresser moved her scissors hesistantly, as she cut Divya’s hair short by few more centimetres. 

       Though she had long, black hair, Divya tied it in a bun inside her head cap more than half of the day. As a doctor, she wanted her hair to be the least of many distractions she faced. Surely,  the long hair made her look beautiful and elegant. But there was her brain too, competing. 

          Inspite of the objections from her mother, she resolved to make her life less miserable and more comfortable than it already was. 

      As she entered the salon, the lady with all the brushes and scissors in her hands, escorted her to a comfortable, wheeled chair and lay her head back. As she inspected Divya’s hair, she said, “a step cut would be brilliant”, as if deciding on a ruler of a county. “I want it cut slightly above my shoulders, much shorter.” As these words were uttered, the lady’ grin was dramatically changed into a deep frown, her mood suddenly smashed on the ground breaking into uncountable pieces. 

 After fifteen minutes when Divya looked at her hair, they weren’t even half of her original length! When Divya asked why had the lady stopped cutting, she said,” I thought you might have changed your thoughts about shorter hair”. Divya replied firmly,” I still want it short. Please make it quick.” 

With hesitant cutting and shivering hands, the hairdresser finished her job much to her own dismay. 

“300 rupees”, she said. As Divya handed over the money, the solaced smile on her face was priceless.


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