Beauty and the Beast – a tale as old as time. 

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Though the story is on each person’s mind since centuries together, there are few things we can learn from it. The illustrations have been modified through books, films, theatre and songs. But the basic things remain the same. 

Here are a few things I learnt from the recent movie adaptation of this French classic 

  1. You don’t have to be a princess to get your Prince Charming.                                     
  2. Love always comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.            It doesn’t always have to be a handsome guy on a horseback swooping you off your feet .
  3. Your inner beauty is much more important than your outer one. Just look inside the soul of the other person and the magic will happen. 
  4. You don’t have to be a step- sister or a step-daughter to convert your life into a fairytale. 
  5. Your life doesn’t have to be pitiful always. Instead you should be proud of the person you are and the situation you are in. 
  6. Beauty also comes with brains. The bookworm Belle is indeed an exception of a fairytale. The way to her heart is through your library ( if you have one.) 
  7. The handsome, popular and macho guy doesn’t always get the girl.  All the girls might be swooned by the mighty Gaston. But Belle just thinks that he is a  ‘boorish and brainless ‘ man. You go girl! 
  8. There always is an easy way out of every situation. Choose wisely and just remember to take the people you care about with you. 
  9. Being ahead of time isn’t always bad. Especially when the society you live in is narrow minded. 
  10. Last but not the least. The power of love can change you in ways unimaginable. 

So enjoy this evergreen tale for everyone with its tune as old as the song. 


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