A mirage day 

It feels indeed like a mirage when amidst a hot afternoon, the weather suddenly turns cloudy and cool. You can surely imagine yourself as a ‘chatak’ bird of the Indian mythology eagerly waiting for the first rain drop to touch it’s dry, waiting mouth. For this, he has waited years long without ever complaining.          

  Today the clouds exploded and all the Chataks made peace with the skies. The cloudy weather has always been one of the reasons for my happiness rather than the living beings. The cloudy, drizzy weather brings peace and contentness to my heart- reason unknown and not expected.( I think).

Image from Google

When the clouds turn dark,I lit up usually like ‘Maria’ from The Sound Of Music and suddenly my heart wants to sing every song it hears. The greenery and it’s surroundings become lively and I fall prey to the unrealistic wish of ‘flying’ and ‘soaring’.

  It’s like the hills, the brooks, the birds, the branches are alive with music and are dancing and clapping to the beats of the nature. The cold air adds up the rhythm. 

 And suddenly you forget the long, dry summer that lies ahead – just for a miragy day!


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