Trading smells 

A heavily perfumed pink flower lends its smell to the butterfly. 

Sitting on the petal, taking in the nectar, it’s elegant beauty gets honoured with the enchanting smell. 

The sea wraps the shell in its salty white sand, 

The shell necklace on a beautiful damsel reminds the retired sailor of the salty storms he once conquered. 

A hundred year old tree once covered its bark from all the torture. 

An old, dusty book on the shelf, reeks of an elegant oak tree that once stood in the woods. 

A gardener toils in the sun planting the saplings in the depths of the earth. 

His sweat dripped in the soil, produces a beautiful pink flower with his memories in its aroma. 

Life and death are nothing but a vicious circle of trading smells, longing to be freed. 

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