Arbitrary Randomness 

Sitting at my desk, with the hot latte gone cold, I dream of trees. Green, tall pine trees surrounded by the dwarf army of light green bushes. They soak half of the sunlight they get. How unjust is it. It’s not fair either that the coffee I bought with me, burned my hands. Now I have to drink it cold anyways. 

At the start of the sunset, the temperature is hot. The sweat is broiling through me to get out of my body. I make it evaporate by turning on the air conditioner. Poor sweat. It just missed its liquid state. I wish I had something to calm my dry throat. I remember the latte gone cold. I jump at it and gulp every drop from the cup. I am officially a calm person now from the outside. 

Suddenly I go back in my mind to the pine trees. The tall stalk has overpowered every other plant species years ago. That’s when the snow begins to drop down. It’s a snowfall! The wind gives it company. It grows strong. Now it’s a blizzard. It lasts for hours and hours. After it stops, I look at the dwarfs. The green things are untouched. Their protector is standing tall, prideful of its victory. I’m now calmer from the inside . 

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