The start 

A long time ago, before I could put down my thoughts in words, I didn’t know anything in the world. Apart from a few poems and proses, that had to be memorised for the exams, reading or writing was just a tool of getting good grades. 

    In the middle of those learning years in school, a teacher came along and changed the way. I looked at literature. She announced a random competition for the fifth graders. The winner was to get a “Pluto and his adventures” comic series. As my liking towards comics was on a high, I just scrabbled a few English words I knew, here and there, rhyming them. I ‘constructed’ a poem on cats for getting the comic books. 

         That day, all the Gods showered their blessings on me and I won the competition! As a fifth grader , I was more happy by the reward rather than the praises I got. But what I saw the next day gradually had an impact on me The teacher had put my poem on the front notice board so that everyone entering the school could see it ( and also my handwriting which I’m not proud of at all) 

That incident left a subconscious impact on me as I began reading more often from then, though never attempted to write again soon. As I read Tom Sawyer and Robinson Crusoe and Huckleberry Finn, one of my first few books, I entered the unending, infinite world of literature which I’m still exploring 20 years on. And I must say – I’m enjoying it like a crazy fan and will continue to do so till the last breath! 

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