The window 

As the door closed behind her, Lady Lauren heaved a sigh of relief. The atmosphere at the dining table, over the lunch had already been tensed, not to forget her already heaping worries. A baroness by marriage, her life had not been so merry after the wedding. 

As she entered her chambers, she looked up at the wall portrait of her deceased husband- Sir Walter. The smile on his face and the shine in his eyes weren’t exactly copied in the painting. That’s why she missed it so badly , she thought. 

 As she thought of her husband, their few days together and the end of the bliss, a sight caught hold of her eye. Out of the window, a beautiful, red hibiscus peeped inside. As the Lady opened the window ajar, the red flower had more company. There were three more pretty, red flowers swirling and gliding in the wind.    

”  This is where his smile and shine had been all the while!”, she thought merrily. That afternoon, the nap was the best one in many years. 

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