The white canvas stared at him blankly.  His eyes fixed on her face. A single change of expression was noted.             As she rested on the chair with a dusty, bounded book in her hand, he observed her, his face stiff.  How was she finding his book? Was she more intrigued? […]

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A mirage day 

It feels indeed like a mirage when amidst a hot afternoon, the weather suddenly turns cloudy and cool. You can surely imagine yourself as a ‘chatak’ bird of the Indian mythology eagerly waiting for the first rain drop to touch it’s dry, waiting mouth. For this, he has waited years long without ever complaining.    […]

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Elixir of Life

“Live. So that when your children think of caring, fairness and integrity, they think of you.”- Jackson Brown Jr.A “father” as the emotions point, nurtures his children in such a way that , in their every step they idealise him. As a father, Atticus Finch (from “to kill a mockingbird”) treated his children as adults, […]

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Trading smells 

A heavily perfumed pink flower lends its smell to the butterfly.  Sitting on the petal, taking in the nectar, it’s elegant beauty gets honoured with the enchanting smell.  The sea wraps the shell in its salty white sand,  The shell necklace on a beautiful damsel reminds the retired sailor of the salty storms he once […]

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You frighten me sometimes 

I see the flickering red rivers of blood bath , Outpouring under the foam of washing sins  Then I remember the Creator, Sweating, dying, nailed on the crucifix Oh dear Lord, you frighten me sometimes  I hear about the melting ice on the places unreachable , And countries being swallowed by the gulp of water. […]

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Arbitrary Randomness 

Sitting at my desk, with the hot latte gone cold, I dream of trees. Green, tall pine trees surrounded by the dwarf army of light green bushes. They soak half of the sunlight they get. How unjust is it. It’s not fair either that the coffee I bought with me, burned my hands. Now I […]

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When I Ignored Time

My head sunken deep in a book, I couldn’t recognize when the time went  by. Unknowingly, hung by a crook, ignorance was my friend, I don’t know why. Did I hurt the greatest ruler of the universe? oh, I did not feel so bad. The mind was feeling something diverse and in a first, it […]

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