News- Reading so much healthier than watching it. Really. 

As our species shortened the name after the directions, the news is all we hear and  talk about these days. The chaos, the urgency and the importance it brings in our lives is irreplaceable now.

Imagine yourself, waking up on a sunny, happy morning, ready to go to work, sipping  coffee, reading your favourite section in the news paper (along with the headlines, of course!), folding it away and moving on to live your day as happily as possible. All is well.

Now imagine yourself, sniffing and snoring all the sleep you can till the alarm goes off, when suddenly you wake up by a loud shout instead ( the alarm was better). You get ready and hurry up , trying to catch up what the nearly- herniated man on the television is saying. Your heart rate is at the peak now as you imagine the most worse scenarios that could happen in the world, in the last thirty seconds (wow, fast thinker!).

You at last find out that the President has changed a policy and the chances of that affecting your life are one in a million ( that too in the parallel universe!). That was what the yelling was all about!

Instead, just open the desired page  of the paper while sipping your hot coffee, eating toast with your favourite scrambled eggs and believe me, it will save your heart of those extra, unnecessary beats!


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