Excuses, Excuses, oh you addictive painkiller! 

On a day to day basis, when is it that we are spared to do a thing – anything. Just because we had a logical (or illogical) explanation for not doing it? My answer – most of the times! If the excuses could vote, their side would’ve won by majority, unopposed even! 

When your buddy asks you about your gym enrolment, the answer,”  Oh. I forgot to wake up early before I forgot to go to bed early as I was busy surfing YouTube videos about how to build the biceps.” 

Yes. The irony slaps hard on the face sometimes. 

Or when you forget to buy a group gift for your year old nephew as you search for it endlessly on Amazon, but end up buying a pack of dental floss with a 98% discount and a free hello kitty brush holder for yourself! Helplessly, you hand over a copy of ‘a guide on post- pregnancy depression and how to cope with it’ to his mother, that you had bought for yourself five years ago! Oh. Don’t worry. This is the best gift as this IS going to help your nephew! 

Sometimes, we escape from the consequences of these lame or sensible excuses and think about it the whole day on how you justified it. Yes. You should be the national prosecutor. 

Try to live one ‘excuse- free day’ a week and face your fears!! 


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