The rumbling and flushing sound of the water seemed nearer now. The eyes waited to finally see what was behind that melodious tune. The sound alone, was so peaceful and serene that her heart leaped faster as it got nearer. 

The trees were more greener, the air more cool and calm and everything came to a standstill. She got down from her bicycle, her feet aching to come out of those fit shoes, the laces of which had shred and eroded. 

As soon as she reached on the side of the blue lake, she pulled out of her shoes and stepped into the pebbles- round and smooth. They guarded the lake, didn’t allow it to wither from its path. 

Stepping on a few tiny stones at once, she reached the water body within seconds. She stepped into the water. Barefoot. All the veins and blood inside her body came to a halt at once. Every piece inside her enjoying this moment without thinking about the world. As the water made its way around her stick like legs, she felt that everything else didn’t matter anymore. 

She couldn’t hear her stepmother screaming and screeching. Nor could she feel her tender muscles which carried the wooden logs for two miles everyday. There were no people, making fun of her weird looking curly, tangled hair not were the ladies who picked on her and teased her about her penniless life. All had just vanished in the clouds, puff! 

All she could hear was the silence. Everything had just merrily come to a standstill. 


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