The mind grew tired of all the information flowing in.  It needed to stop thinking, just for a second. Just pause for a moment and not expand and heat up for a while.  Not thinking about getting bus to the office and then about reaching on time.  Not thinking about the pressure you’ll be put […]

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The smiling agony 

The helium balloons floated and swirled in the air, their strings rolled onto a small finger. Bittu looked at that colourful paradise he held high up. Every  colour, you just name it. Red, green, purple , yellow and white.  With each penny he earned, a smile was drawn on each face.  From toddlers to little […]

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The rumbling and flushing sound of the water seemed nearer now. The eyes waited to finally see what was behind that melodious tune. The sound alone, was so peaceful and serene that her heart leaped faster as it got nearer.  The trees were more greener, the air more cool and calm and everything came to […]

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The quest 

She climbed the summit of the yet unmanned peaks, Out of the dream now, she looked at the maiden step ahead of her, As her wooden crutches creaked, bending over her weight.                                -Purva Abhyankar 

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 The fidgety midget

A long awaited moment,       when slips through your mind. The hand suddenly loses the grip, of the white silky sand. Fluttery butterflies, when crowd your stomach, you suddenly feel, like you have had enough. You can’t wait to surpass, the long paused time. The wind blows away, quivering the gold chimes. The […]

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Gone are the days, where the souls behind the beauty were celebrated. Because of them, the handsome crowds once rejuvinated. Where peace lingered and no harm was evoked. Where none were engendered, a few provoked. Now remains the illusions of the brave and fearless. Rendered by the procrastinations of the feeble and the mindless. But […]

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