Envisaged contentment

Ever felt the touch of a ripple, 

of cold, flashy shimmering wave on your feet ?,

bathing your toes with the running droplets , eager to touch the soil. 
Ever heard the wind gushing through the trees?,
the leaves chiming their way aside, for their unstoppable ally ,

making everyone shudder, with its invisibility cloak.
Ever seen a squirrel , it’s warm, bushy tail?,
tiptoeing it’s way, to the highest acorn on the tree, 

secretly nodding to the group, approving the way trespassed.
Ever smelled the path that leads to wilderness?, 

the untouched, dry, crisp, roasted, fallen leaves,

not stamped by a single living soul, directing you to the dense green world ahead. 
Ever spoken and imagined the world ?

where the mother Earth is rejoicing amidst her unprovoked , reposed world  free from the gaze of calamity.    

– Purva Abhyankar 


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