Filmfest Day 4- Nowhere in Africa ( German, 141 mins) 

Generally, when we come across German movies or novels related to its history, there are a lot of stories related to the Nazi rule and it’s aftermaths. But this story gets its way out in the most modest way  even if it covers the same era. 

A respected practising Jewish lawyer Walter Redlich leaves for Kenya in the early 20’s. He leaves his family behind and works as a farmer as he has an intuition that something bad will happen to his homeland. He then invites his family after a few years of which, only his wife Jettel and six year daughter, Regina oblige to come to him. 

      As the three of them face hardships in their coming days, they come to know about the changing situation in Germany over the transmitter. A sudden change in the world doesn’t go that easy on Jettel, as she starts doubting her motive in life and grieves over their sudden, self accepted poverty.  Whereas Regina, now fully adapted to the African culture and language makes best friends with their cook, Owour. A self respected, loyal and righteous man in every way, Owour sees his own daughter in Regina and they bond over their love for exploring nature. 

        As years go by, Jettel starts realising that her husband had made a wise decision of fleeing their homeland as the Jewish are steadily wiped out, including their own parents. 

       The film gets you involved in their lives in such a way, that you gradually and easily understand the people and the culture from the eyes of the little girl as she grows to become a wise teenager like her father. 

           This soul stirring journey of the family rekindles your love in humanity and makes you think how lucky you are to be alive and surviving in your own time and tide. 


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