Day 3 movie- Wadjda/2012/98mins/Saudi Arabia

The nature has it’s rules-good or bad. When you fail to get the thing you want or is forbidden by the society from reaching you, your mind plans ways to get it no matter what happens.


Wadjda, also the name of the little girl, lives an ordinary , happy, mischievous school life in Saudi Arabia. Apart from friends in her all girls school, she has a best friend, Abdullah, who gets out the best in her- challenges her, teases her and makes her laugh.                                 Once, Abdullah gets a new cycle from his parents and teases Wadjda that she has no cycle to compete with him. From that day on, she has only one thing on mind- to get a cycle like Abdullah and beat him in a race. At the first approach, her mother declines buying a new cycle and scolds her about how girls don’t ride vehicles including the cycle as it takes away their virginity! This highlights the height of restrictions put on women unnecessarily and how they’ve accepted the same. 

But true to her nature, Wadjda doesn’t care about all this as she has only one thing going on in her mind. She then decides to take part in a Quran reading competition held in her school so that she can buy a cycle with the winning money. The film highlights the funny events that take place eventually, from the eyes of this innocent little girl.            

Amidst all this drama and heist, the situation of her family is also delicately handled. She lives in a well to do house with both working parents making a decent earning. Her father wants a son who will take forward the family emblem. An incidence highlighting this is very touching in the film. Wadjda is playing in the house when she notices her family tree stuck on the wall consisting only of the male members. With a wish to belong in that, she adds her name to it with great pride only to notice that the paper has been torn away the next day from its place. Also, as her mother is unable to conceive a child, her father marries again. The emotions her mother goes through are worth watching. 

As she works hard for the competition, to hers and everyone’s surprise, Wadjda wins the competition! She is honoured on the stage by her principal, who asks her what she’ll do with her cash prize. Without thinking twice, she answers in the crowded hall that she wishes to buy a cycle. Hearing this, the shocked principal donates the money to the charity, saying that they’ll be of more worth there. As the dejected girl comes home crying, her mother, who is suffering the grief of her husband’s second marriage takes her to the roof. As she opens her eyes, there is a green coloured , big cycle waiting for her! A surprise from her mother. 

Though the movie feels like ordinary life size, the emotions and messages in it cannot be ignored by any mind at all. It is indeed one of a kind. 


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