Envisaged contentment

Ever felt the touch of a ripple,  of cold, flashy shimmering wave on your feet ?, bathing your toes with the running droplets , eager to touch the soil.  Ever heard the wind gushing through the trees?, the leaves chiming their way aside, for their unstoppable ally , making everyone shudder, with its invisibility cloak. […]

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The creator 

About people or money, he knew little as a penny. He watched the structures elegantly designed, against the mockers’ joy, he quickly resigned Then stood the girdles, the pillars self admired it was a heaven, a place they long desired From an office to a quarry he scorched under the sun, too busy to worry. […]

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A matter of perspective 

A billion eyes shoot their lustrous light at the matter,  Piercing the hearts of more billions as the shrewd rays of sight passes straight through, Sometimes transparent, otherwise opaque. The infinite refractions that fall on the minds, the shades gaining their judgement, Sometimes black, otherwise white.  However parallel the path is, beyond the many mortals […]

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