Filmfest Day 2 movie- The Italian/2005/russian/ 90 mins

The dream of every soul in an orphanage  – to get adopted by parents sent by their angels. But does everyone really long for it more than meeting the mother who actually bestowed them into the world?


The Italian is an exceptionally heart wrenching story of a 6-year-old  Russian orphan Vanya.  He  is selected for adoption by an Italian couple from a desolated orphanage,  where he lives with other kids of his own age and more. As young as he is, he understands the world much better than his age and has accepted to live in it without any complains.

But things change one day for him when a mother of an orphan comes looking for her child and is shooed away like a beggar. Next day, the mother ends her life and Vanya is perplexed. What if his own mother comes looking for him after he is taken away? Determined to find her, he looks into his private file by sneaking into the office and comes across an address that might help him. His determination is reached to heights when he learns how to read so that he can read the address on the file.  He thus begins his journey as he runs away from the orphanage only to be chased by the corrupt Madam who runs the place and who has brokered the adoption deal. 

His journey and desire to see his mother is so strong that the struggle almost reaches us and we stick more to the screen whilst praying for his safety.  The acting is par excellence for such a young age and the yearning to meet his mother  is  truly touching.

This one goes out beyond its expectations and is a must watch for  the acting, the subject of the story and the depth to which it embraces the hearts.




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