International Film Fest in my city!

I was indeed very lucky this year as I was able to attend the entire film fest the whole week in the city! And it was an experience of a lifetime. I would like to share my thoughts on some of my favorite movies from the entire week here. So here I am, on a rally, expressing myself as I unwind this huge bundle that has gathered over a few days.  important lessons, some moving , horrifying moments and satisfaction. This is what I have felt while sticking to the silver screen.

MUSTANG (2015)/TURKISH/97 MINS- mustangg

Remember the carefree days when the “weaker” gender could skip, hop, run freely in the sun? You never know when these days pass by and when life moves on so fast as to give you more astonishing and shattering surprises from your own.

Mustang is a story of five young Turkish orphan girls, Lale, Nur, Selma. Ece and Sonay with Lale, the youngest as the narrator. They reside besides their grandmother and a strict uncle in a small town near Istanbul. A single, innocent act of playing games head to head  with boys after school, turns their life upside down as they are judged, labelled as spoilt and punished in the most heinous way possible by marrying them off.

The day after their ‘misbehaviour’, they are confined to the four walls, debarred from the school and watched over by the grandmother who prepares them to be sent off by teaching them  cooking,  household chores and all the things a woman must do to make her husband and in-laws happy. As they are married off one by one like a product sold from a factory, the monstrous nature of their uncle is revealed who is their predator by night.

As the girls go away one by one, Lale continuously plans to flee the house by searching hiding spots and exploring places through which she can escape and go to Istanbul where her heart is.  With the courage to never give up, she finally succeeds and the audience finally heaves a sigh of relief. The struggle to break from the clutches is real and engaging and we long for their freedom.

Many other incidents throughout the movie  which make us salute the women are worth watching and convey an important message –  the value of freedom which is long forgotten in today’s world.

                   The innocence which lingers in the girls’ eyes is gracious and at the same time unrestrained which makes you more involved. We laugh and enjoy with them when they sneak away to watch a football match only to be seen later, by their grandmother on the live television and the way she handles the situation is applauding.

             This heartfelt attempt of conveying a galaxy of  emotions by sticking to the real situation of the female gender in the country is a must watch for everyone.


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