Why so satonic, thou inner sanctum!

Imagine this. A person goes out in public, trashes and accuses a much hyped  celebrity with all the censored words you can imagine and boom! He is the next big thing in just a few days! Wow. How did he do it you ask? Well, just a few famous blasphemes here and there in the right places to woo the idle audience and  a pinch of art,  to paint the character of the person jet black,   will do it. You can be the hero of the moment, a revealing enigma people will carry on their  shoulders until they spot another bright ‘star’ in the demonic sky.

However, there  are setbacks to this accomplishment,  owing to the perspectives of the audience you are exposed to. Some people may accuse you of being a racist, in reference to your skin color and your origin, of course. Others may simply join them or opt a different way by  highlighting your gender. This can also lead to confusion among themselves because of the term feminism, with some males either on the side of it (this category gets trampled by their own kinds, citing them as rebellious), while others oppose it ( this group is generally  hailed by the chauvinists- yet another term to fight on,  while the females give their wrath). In short, a single statement of one’s opinion can lead to unlimited flowcharts, melodrama, debates of national interest, controversies to fight for and on and also, PhD’s, research and thesis, while the person responsible for all this, relaxes at home with popcorn and daily soaps and yes, a dictionary of the most obscene words.

This officially marks the end of the holy soul or sanctum, which we generally open while praying to one of the many dieties. I recently watched a video on a friend’s suggestion, where soon-to-be former President Obama,  speaks out on  how he was able to handle his calm and choice of words in this diplomatic world, all these years with limitation on controversy. His simple but precious sentence caught my attention. He said, “I try to put myself up in a way that my mother would approve of.” Worth thinking, don’t you think?



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