Faded away

Do you remember  the last time you took a deep breath of fresh air ,

looking upon that infinitely spreading  horizon set above the blue frothy sea,

and then suddenly exhaling all the worries in a single puff.

Or just staring at the raindrops on a window pane,

as they slither their way down to the bottom, slently forming a large pool.

Do you remember that last awesome  bike ride you had,

when you thought you are leaving  the big ball of worries back,

as you flashed  forward at the speed you thought,  would leave behind a rocket,

just to get hit hard by that  ball as soon as you stopped.



Do you remember that walk with your grandad, when you felt the safest in the world,

as he held your little finger, as you paced on the favorite road

you wished never ended.

That time is gone now

The  memories  long faded ,

by the screens which bind  us superficially

with that meek little bond, stretched beyond it’s strength.





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