Defying death 

The dark yet silver lined clouds invaded the sky late that evening. The stars , the moon and other heavenly bodies eventually hid behind the dark curtain. She hurried on the way back to her apartment. Susan’s bike was now making horrendous sounds like a huge engine about to crash. The next thing she heard was a big thud and she was on the ground with her bike disembodied and broken, having hit the pole. Though her stop was a few minutes away, the current situation made the 10 meter walk quite challenging. Yet, exhaling a heavy breath of the humid air, she stood on her weak coping legs and trying to put the everything back, she somehow managed to assemble the pieces and began to walk. The torn border of her dress fluttered in the air, the fabric covered by the seams now inhaling as much air as it could. She continued her struggle to reach home as fast as she could. Afterall, it was her dear mayflower, blossoming in the earthen pot soaking as much humidity as it could. But now, it was in utmost need of water and it’s only saviour was Susan, who was stuck in her little mishap.               After toiling for a while at the attempt of walking, she looked at her worn knees. The knees, scratched had stopped bleeding by now but the pain was still lingering. The dark clouds above were now roaring at their highest pitch and Susan felt a drop of water on her sweaty, dehydrated forehead. A new hope awakened and her feeble attempts now gained strength. After walking a few steps, the skies burst suddenly and water gushed out of it sprinkling its shower on everyone in its way. A tired Susan suddenly heaved a sigh of relief and sat down suddenly looking above as if thanking, as her dying little kid in the pot now was getting its life back- drop by drop. 

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